Samstag, 7. Juni 2008

Night & Day

I guess the second one is the right outfit to go out in a bar with my boyfriend. The belt and the shoes are original 80's. I got them from my mom. Please disregard my hair!
The first outfit is for a very hot day. The shoes are original 70's from my mom and the dress is from H&M.
What do you think about both outfits?


Laurel hat gesagt…

Thank you for the sweet comment, bella! I'm absolutely loving your blog, I'll make sure to link you - asap! Both of these looks have such wonderful pieces, that green dress is lovely on you.

Vain and Vapid hat gesagt…

Love the first outfit, the green seems to go really well with your complexion. Lucky that you are able to inherit such great vintage originals.

Mimi hat gesagt…

The belt in the 2nd pic is very cute

Leila hat gesagt…

oh das grüne Kleid gefällt mir gut !