Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008

The Style of Sex and the City

I love Carrie Bradshaw's style!

Mostly I love the white dress (I dont`t know the lable) and the gray dress from Chloé.

I have to see the movie again cause she wears so many styles. Patricia Field is the goddess of fashion!

What do you think about Carrie's style?

Photo's by In Style 06/2008


Mich hat gesagt…

Thanks for the comment! I haven't seen the SATC movie yet but I love these pictures! Especially the top left (*need above the knee socks*)


LOVE! Patricia Fields is a goddess. I love all the vintage belt and BOLD shoes. love love:)

(LA street style)

Jenny H. hat gesagt…

she has the most incredibleeeee clothes ever.

patricia fields is god. basically.

Sabrina hat gesagt…

I don't feel compelled to see this movie right away because I was never that into Sex and the City (or tv in general), but I do very much enjoy seeing all of the photos of Patricia Fields' work. I love the pink brocade dress and feather clutch combo, the slouchy cardigan and knee-high socks, the scarf tied as a bow, and the list goes on...

Hannah Bee hat gesagt…

Patricia Fields is amazing. Did you know she is creating a line of shoes for Payless? Brilliance, is what I say to that.
As for Carrie's style, I adore it. She is so bold and feminine at the same time.
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