Freitag, 18. Juli 2008

Gerard Darel

Gerard Darel's spring/summer collection 2008 is such a lovely collection in the 70's style.
All pieces are real 70's:
the long dresses, the high waist trousers, the shoes, the vests, the sheer blouses and the colors.
One thing is left to say: I LOVE IT!

A lot of stars like Angelina or Cameron loves his pieces.

The face of the spring/ summer collection is Charlotte Gainsbourg, a french singer and actress. The face of the autum/ winter collection 2008/2009 is Mami Gummer, the daughter from Meryl Streep.

Photos via Gerard Darel


CoutureCarrie hat gesagt…

Wow! I didn't know Meryl Streep's daughter is a model!
And the wide leg pants and fitted cardi look is so hot!

Savvy Gal hat gesagt…

Gerard Darel seens to pop up everywhere. Love the long color block dress.

Siljesfashion hat gesagt…

Love this, tried finding it in Paris when I was there. The bags were the only thing in the stores yet. Love those photos, such great 70s style.

lara hat gesagt…

I didn't knew she was a model either. I really liek the flared jeans.
Tha´ks for passing my blog and thanks for your comment :)

Carolina Lange hat gesagt…

I agree, gorgeous collection!

Pamcasso hat gesagt…

wow, I tend to think of Gerard Darel purely for bags, but the jeans are great too!

Your blog is fabulous!

yiqin; hat gesagt…

The vest & maxi dress looks so good!!

Paris Tarts hat gesagt…

I love the pictures...very inspiring. Hey we share the same blog background color!! Check my blog out!!


di hat gesagt…

I like it!!!!

Vintage Vinyl hat gesagt…

That is such an amazing collection. I just adore it so much!!!

My dress actually wasn't new, I got it a year or two ago from Urban Outfitters. Thanks for the comment :)

Vain and Vapid hat gesagt…

It's lovely, thanks for the intro. The maxi dress is so amazing.

Ida hat gesagt…

The collection is really gorgeous. The wide leg pants are already so in, I am totally in love with that trend.

Crave hat gesagt…

Ooh I l-o-v-e all these designs! I'm especially smitten for the maxi of my current obessions.

Thank you for reading my blog and commenting! I really appreicate it!

Anthea hat gesagt…

I love the dresses! Love the brightly colored bags.

Olivia hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I am currently in love with the high waisted , wide legged trouses . They look great with a tucked in shirt or with a buttun up and cardi .

Kira Fashion hat gesagt…

I love long dresses and those ones are fantastic!!

a kiss!!

Rich Hippie hat gesagt…

love this post its all so hippie/bohemian inspired

Lorra Easterling hat gesagt…
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Lorra Easterling hat gesagt…

Those flared jeans are lovely. I just ordered myself Gerard Darel flared jeans in white and denim blue on Monday. Free delivery and was here the next day. So impressed with just seen the most amazing long leather black coat online! Ordering it now!! :D